insha Team

The financial industry is undergoing a radical change. This is no surprise, as more and more banking customers have grown weary of standardized products. Instead, what customers need is products tailored to their needs, as well as banking services that take their values and principles seriously. insha seeks to reshape the banking world and give its customers what they seek. This mission is emblematized in our name, which means "Building" and "Making." It is also no coincidence that a star serves as our symbol: A star embodies the feeling of safety in the night, provides orientation, and promises a better tomorrow. With insha, we’ve built a banking service that redefines Islamic Banking and makes it ready for the digital age. It’s a service for everyone who cares about what is done with their money. It’s a service where people can feel safe and discover new opportunities at the same time. It’s a service that leads the way to a bright future.

About Us

insha is the mobile banking service that puts moral values first. With a range of innovative products integrated into our app, insha is for everyone who cares about what is done with their money. As a digital banking service based on strong moral principles, we offer tools that help its customers achieve their saving goals, gain insights into spending behavior, transfer money abroad for little cost, and donate easily to charities of their choice. With offices in Berlin and Istanbul, insha is regulated by EU authorities and fully backed by Albaraka Türk, Turkey's first participation bank.

We have principles, based on moral & ethical values. We never invested your money in interest-related fields and “dirty industries”, including arms, tobacco, alcohol, or betting. Moreover, you have alternative investment options.

Principles of insha:

- For us, money is not a commodity but an exchange tool.
- We avoid all activities which may harm people, animals, and nature.
- Our activities rest on the real economy and assets.
- Justice is essential in all circumstances.
- Prohibition of interest, unjust, and exploitative gains.
- Transparency is fundamental, we avoid all uncertainties.

Albaraka Türk

Albaraka Turk Participation Bank was founded in 1984 by pioneering interest-free banking in Turkey and began actively serving in 1985. Having founded under the guidance of the strong capital groups in the Middle East, Albaraka Banking Group (AGB), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), and another industry group serving the Turkish economy for more than a half-century, they continue operating in Turkey in compliance with the 5411 Banking Law. And now is Albaraka Türk the power behind insha.