There is more than one way to send your money.

Did you know that with insha, you can send your money in many different ways, all within seconds? If you are wondering the ways in which you can send your money, all are listed below.

SEPA Money Transfer

Easily transfer your money to 28 different countries.
Once you access insha you can instantly send and receive money from all the 28 SEPA countries.

Money Transfer to Turkey

Turkey has never been closer!
You can safely send money to your Albaraka Turk account(s) in Turkey, either in Euros or in Turkish Liras, under 1 minute.

E-mail Money Transfer

To send your money, all you need is an e-mail address!
At insha, you don’t need a long and complicated IBAN number to send your money. All you need is an e-mail address. Sending money has never been simpler.


We are ready for all the orders that you have!
Turn off your reminders. No need to set up an alarm for payment day. You can create orders for your future payments, when the day comes Insha will process your payments for you. Oh, peace, where have you been?