13 Principles of getinsha

#1. Ethical

The root of all our principles

We live in a generation in which we have become increasingly sensitive to the values lived by companies. As a value-oriented company with its finger on the pulse, we are convinced that we must put people and the environment at the center of our efforts in order to remain fit for the future. This includes customers, employees, managers and all partners involved.

With this approach as our guiding principle, we strive to live the philosophy of a principle-based company every day. Our first principle #Ethical is the cornerstone for all of our 13 principles. Our intention is not to limit ourselves to ethical financial services. We take our vision much broader and want to establish values of transparency and sustainability in the world of financial services and furthermore actively shape our future on a socio-economic level. Therefore, all our actions and decisions as well as all internal and external processes are based on our thirteen principles. Thereby, our guiding principle #Ethical is the pillar for all other principles.

As a Berlin-based fintech and value provider, we see ourselves as having a responsibility to society as a whole and provide our expertise and infrastructure to establish a sustainable ecosystem in Berlin as a business location. As a company getinsha, together with our customers, together with our partners.

#2. Full transparency

We guarantee full transparency.

Full transparency is more than just being able to see your getinsha account, your money and your investments.

Transparency also means participation in processes and insight into our daily business. This includes the decisions we make to provide financial services in the best possible way. We make these decisions to develop new products and services together with our customers, partners and employees. The basis for this is open and constant communication, both internally and externally. In this way, we give you a look behind the scenes and allow everyone to participate in getinsha. 

Active participation is a key concept here. Through regular focus group discussions, events of our inSpace community and various surveys, we make our work open to all clients and interested parties. 

This is just one important aspect of full transparency. Especially in the financial sector, however, transparency has another important approach.

Transparency is especially important when it comes to your money. 

After all, you work hard for that money and therefore have a 100% right to know how your money is stored, invested and valued. 

We guarantee that our clients' money is kept in a separate pool of money and has no contact with interest-based, speculative or socially destructive areas. At all times, your money is kept safe, ethical and sustainable with getinsha. 

You want to invest money? Anytime, conveniently via the getinsha app.

You need insights into your income and expenditure? Anytime, conveniently via the getinsha app.

You want to know the prices? No hidden costs! View everything conveniently via the getinsha app.

And if you have any questions or questions remain unanswered, simply contact our customer support. Feedback, criticism and suggestions are invaluable to us!

#3. Active Participation

Shaping the future together and changing the financial industry.

Our trust in the economy has been shaken by numerous crises.

It is time again to take our future into our own hands and take responsibility. Sustainability and value-oriented banking can only be realised with the active participation of clients. Not only in the decision-making process but also in the investment of your money. Only through the integration of users, customers or consumers in developments and decisions does a relationship with the service provider develop. This is our premise: getinsha, your account with sustainable values.

We firmly believe that it is only through participation in the process and in decisions made that the customer, this is you, are sincerely given the feeling of trust, security and transparency.

Through numerous products and platforms, we offer our customers the opportunity to decide for themselves what products are to be developed, where the savings are to be invested and how getinsha is to develop as a company. 

getinsha is therefore not just a financial service provider, an app or a start-up - we are your financial service provider, your app and also your start-up.

#4. Real & Circular Economy

The real economy, together with the financial economy, is a part of the overall economy and provides a two-way relationship as a value-added infrastructure. However, about 95% of value creation comes from the real economy. The complementary interdependence between the financial and real economy is often used to explain financial crises. This is exactly what we want to avoid and prevent.

The most sustainable and healthy economy emerges from a cycle of producers,service providers and consumers. Our key role as a financial services provider is to open this up and provide access for our clients.

The essential problem in this topic is neither the real economy nor the financial markets, but the drifting apart of both areas. That is why we offer different products for our clients to invest their money in businesses, companies and projects that are sustainable, create jobs, protect the environment and make an active contribution to the real and circular economy.

With products like inWin and inGold, we help our clients to invest their money safely. With inShare, we offer a platform to support charitable organisations. With our product inLoyal, we support the retail sector and give our customers the opportunity to save money on their purchases. 

Offering opportunities to participate in the economy, to promote it constructively and to increase private wealth are among our primary tasks as a financial services provider.

#5. Interest-free business

A question of definition: money and its value.

Money is a medium of exchange and not an object that creates value from itself. According to this guiding principle, we want to prevent creditors who take interest from increasing their wealth with the property of the debtors. This is the main reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

We live in a system where it is suggested that we need constant economic growth - the illusion of constant growth to satisfy insatiable needs. We observe that public debt is constantly growing, as is the debt of private households and companies. The main driver of this destructive development, which leads to the overexploitation of people and nature, is interest and compound interest. These ensure that the largest part of society systematically builds up more and more direct or indirect debt. As a result, the population has to work or produce more and more in order to pay the debts and interest. At the same time, a small minority earns exorbitantly from the debtors' interest.

The growing gap between rich and poor in societies based on interest-based economies causes discontent and envy to grow among the disadvantaged and ultimately results in multi-layered social conflicts.

Interest-free loans bring people closer together, while interest drives people apart.

The interest economy produces people who live only on interest and bring no benefit to society, i.e. lead an unproductive life. At the same time, a sustainable economy is supported by the real circular economy. Every actor in this system contributes to the preservation of the cycle through active participation in production and consumption. The debtor who has taken out an interest-bearing loan has to work hard to repay his debt and takes a great risk. The creditor, however, does not have to work or worry. As a result, people's sense of justice is affected. We want to prevent this and therefore promote the interest-free economy through alternative investment and credit opportunities.

#6. Environmental Friendly

By offering you a fully digital and paperless service

The only way to protect our environment is possible, if we also live as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible. To ensure that future generations can also enjoy a carefree existence, we rely entirely on digitization. 

Our main goal is not only to comply with a minimization of damage to the environment. Instead we want to relieve the environment! Therefore we are building a purely digital infrastructure so that we can operate as paperlessly as possible and offer an environmentally friendly service. No "paperwork" or endless correspondence awaits our customers (except for the debit card, which we have to send by mail for legal reasons). On the contrary, we communicate with our customers through much more effective, faster and sustainable channels such as e-mail or telephone.

On top of that, we are actively involved in creating a cleaner environment. Therefore we cooperate with various NGOs, which we support ourselves through donations or give our customers the opportunity to support them by using inShare. We also cooperate with Ozeankind, a transparent environmental protection organization, which campaigns nationally and internationally for an increased awareness and improved handling of single-use plastic.. 

We take our future seriously and do not limit our vision to sustainable financial services. Our overall social responsibility is always our driving force. It also includes a more conscious approach to our environment, because environment means life and life means future!

#7. Social Responsibility

For a planet that we can leave to our grandchildren

The principle ‘social responsibility’ plays an overriding role for us. All our decisions and actions are based on this principle. We actively participate in leaving a better planet for our grandchildren and promote engagement on multiple levels such as education, innovation and social projects.. 

getinsha is more than a digital account! From the very beginning, we decided not to limit ourselves to pure financial services. That's why we launched our donation tool inShare and signed collaborations with several NGOs and charities.  

inShare works in a very simple way: Imagine you could help shape the world in a positive way with just a few clicks. You could help reduce plastic waste in the oceans, you could feed orphans and provide humanitarian aid in risk areas. And you could do it all from your mobile phone without leaving your comfortable couch. It's actually possible! At inShare, different areas of life are represented, including humanitarian aid, orphan aid, and environmental aid. Our customers have the option to choose their preferred NGO and leave a donation through the fastest possible way.

All of our getinsha principles always carry our seventh principle. Because it is and remains indispensable for us in all our actions!

#8. Knowledge transfer

As a fintech startup, getinsha always strives to offer added value to society at large at the intersection of innovation and value-oriented corporate management. This added value is primarily formed through a healthy and sustainable knowledge transfer.

Due to digitalisation, the internet and globalisation, we live in times of seemingly limitless access, sources and knowledge. At the same time, the essence of sustainable knowledge is based on the legacy to future generations and the guiding principle of sharing.

In order to preserve the experience and to establish it constructively for the development of digital processes, especially in the financial world, we have made it our task to share knowledge and to promote research.

On the one hand, we transfer knowledge and experience to our inSpace community in numerous events. Here we share the latest developments from the FinTech world and always have an open ear for suggestions and proposals. 

On the other hand, we support and finance young committed students from universities in various scholarship programmes. We cooperate with universities and schools, hold lectures and give interested students insights into the startup and FinTech scene.

First give, then take!

We also contribute as an active partner in the form of numerous memberships in Europe-wide networks and benefit from the experience of established and young companies. Our guiding principle here is: first give, then take!

Always looking to take advantage of every opportunity at events, forums or podcasts, we primarily share insights from banking, technology and digital structures. Our insights in the area of sustainability and value-based corporate governance are also valuable experiences that we are happy to share.

#9. Sustainable Business Model

For planning not only for today, but also for the future

Our sustainable business model focuses on the benefits as well as our value proposition for our customers and partners. It aims to offer creative solutions for the modern challenges (or challenges of our time).

Our business model is more than a pure business idea. We do not just offer a simple product or service. Above all, we intend to create social, ecological and economic added value for our getinsha users. We want to generate this with our knowledge and technologies in order to create a link between the sustainable development of our company and society as a whole.

Therefore we are pursuing the overriding goal of establishing a sustainable and principle-based business model. We don't want to push forward our start-up at any price. Nor is it our intention to seek a quick exit or irresponsible profit maximisation. On the contrary, our primary focus is on economic sustainability. 

Step by step we focus on healthy growth. As a first step, we have achieved our goal of building a loyal customer base. Our expanded product portfolio will enable us to increase our sales values in the near future. We are thus on the home stretch of becoming a profitable company. We will also reach significantly more customers through our expansion strategy in Europe. In addition, we are planning to enter the market in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria in 2021.

We want to make a vision come true and unite over one million customers in Europe under our roof as a fully digital, ethical and principle-based banking service. In order to implement our sustainable business concept, it has been of fundamental importance for us since the day of our foundation to work with valued employees who believe in our vision and who want to support this positive mission. Together we share the absolute conviction to achieve our business goals and to let getinsha grow sustainably.

#10. Constant Innovation

To actively shape our future in times of innovation and flexibility - daily.

Innovation stands for "progress" and "change" - a spirit that we live out every day in all our actions in order to implement our overall vision. This is reflected in the design of our products and services as well as our business model. We rely on a structured approach, from idea generation to idea development and successful implementation. 

We put innovation into the heart of getinsha!

Innovation is our engine! With our finger on the pulse of time, it is especially important to us to constantly rethink and redefine our processes. Through agile and dynamic processes we are able to not only keep our innovative thoughts in our heads, but to put them into practice without long detours. Through a well-founded process model we enable the development of creative ideas.

Our four principles of innovation act as a support for our continuous development:

  • Process innovation: We are permanently open for changes or new developments in connection with our internal processes and procedures. We strive for a continuous improvement process. Only in this way we can continuously optimize our service and realize our 13th principle "Customer first".
  • Product innovation: We are always looking to develop innovative products or product features and offer our customers a unique user experience. We work daily on the extension of our getinsha-App. We will never stand still in the getinsha company!
  • Service innovation: New services and service offerings are also being pushed forward at getinsha. We define service innovation as a preliminary stage of business model innovation.
  • Business model innovation: We are always interested in questioning and advancing our business model. For us, the development of innovative ways for creating value is important. We intend to offer our customers great added value. By putting the customer at the center of our whole work, we are continuously innovating our business model. 

Our mission to actively shape our common future in times of innovation and flexibility is our guideline. To this end, we are prepared to tread new paths almost every day. Only in this way will our collective today not resemble our tomorrow.

#11. Strong Partnerships

We are only as strong as our partners are.

Strong partnerships create infrastructures, enable the exchange of experience and knowledge and generate networks for further constructive cooperation.

We always work with partners who are looking in the same direction, have the same visions of a sustainable and healthy economy and whose cooperation always results in added value for our customers. 

By no means do we want to take every challenge into our own hands. That is why we rely on the expertise and experience of companies, organizations, startups and consultants. Our only criterion: the preservation of sustainable and ethical values.

As a Berlin startup, we appreciate all the more being a member of the capital's strongest network Berlin Partner. The exchange with companies, universities and political organizations is a priceless added value.

We are also proud to be a member and partner of the Deutschland Stipendium. As Germany's first startup, we support young students and ensure a sustainable transfer of knowledge.

Not only memberships and networks but also the innovative development of products is guided by and with strong partners.

Products like inGold, inWin, inShare and inLoyal have only become possible through the cooperation with strong partners. 

Changing the future is only possible through collaboration. That's what #11 strong partnerships stands for.

#12. Conscious Awareness

By helping you to handle your money more consciously

What about the statement that our immoderate immodesty no longer knows any boundaries? Let's venture a little excursion into more conscious consumption and enter the terrain outside the world of banking. Unfortunately, in many respects we have to realize that we live in an unhealthy consumer society above our means. Statistics reveal this: In Germany alone, private consumer spending more than doubled between 1991 and 2019 from 867 billion euros to 1.7 trillion euros (Statista). Every year, Global Footprint Network calculates Earth Overshoot Day - the day on which humanity has used up the resources that nature can restore in a year. The Earth Overshoot Day in 1970 was December 29 and has been advancing from year to year. In 2020 it was August 22. 

It is blatant that our excessive consumption is causing social and environmental disruption. We are buying our pursuit of perfection and prosperity at the expense of emerging countries, where so-called cheap laborers or child laborers produce our goods, and of nature, which is suffering massive damage. Tragic human fates are accepted and climate change is accelerated. However, our consumer behavior has one advantage. The growth of the economy is continuously driven forward and prosperity is promoted, at least in one part of the globe. This uneven constellation requires a revision of our long-term planning in order to create a reasonable future.

Sustainability at all levels for greater awareness

The solution to the dilemma is not to reduce any disruptive factors and at the same time to contain the economy. Thinking in black and white will by no means lead to the goal. Rather, the perspective of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the present day, both in a socio-ecological and economic context.  

Our goal as getinsha is to encourage a more conscious handling of our resources for our whole planet. There is no way around it, excessive consumption has to be complemented in the long run by sensitive and conscious consumption. The most effective step will be for everyone to do what is possible in their private sphere. 

In this respect, we play our part responsibly and focus on sustainable banking at all levels. Above all, as your financial service provider, we enable you to be more conscious and sensitive in the way you handle your personal wallet in order to facilitate the transition to healthy consumption. As a mirror of your own financial budget we offer you our tool inSight. This way you can always reflect your expenses and strive for a more conscious consumption. With inSight you will be able to manage your money more effectively and take full control. In addition, you can support sustainable charity projects via inShare and thus not only act preventively but also contribute proactively.

We must be aware that only together can we build a conscious and healthy understanding of consumption. In doing so, everyone has to consider his or her part of the responsibility chain. We do this as a banking service provider!

#13. Customer First

Because you deserve to be always first

All our principles have our first principle “ethical” as their root and lead to our 13th principle, “Customer First”. Because you are always the heart of our work and your happiness as well as success are our maxims. Our ultimate goal is to build a common community with our customers, an getinsha family and to strengthen our bond.

To make our customers more successful with getinsha

It is of great importance to us that our products and services not only make you satisfied, but demonstrably more successful. We achieve this by aligning our entire organization to give you the maximum benefit from using your getinsha account.

In order to keep our customer proximity permanently, getinsha doesn’t have robots waiting for you. No matter if you call our hotline, send us an email or contact us via our social media channels - at getinsha you won’t find automatic messages or service bots, but real people who listen to you and are constantly happy to help you.

Always in close exchange, together for each other and with each other!

The close exchange with our customers is especially important to us! Therefore, we design our products together and conduct focus group discussions with getinsha users at regular intervals during the planning of our products. In the next step we implement their feedback and suggestions into the product design.

All our products and services are proactively adapted to your needs and are always optimized. We don’t want to design products without the customer and give him/her the service we like. On the contrary, according to the principle “Customer First” we focus on the customer and try to perceive and design getinsha based on your perspective.