The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about gathering, operating and use of personal data. We, as getinsha Gmbh, give priority to our customers in every action we take. We do believe that our privacy policy must be easy to understand. This is our main responsibility to protect our customers’ data. That's why, we have been summarized our precautions which are taken to protect the privacy of our customers.

According to the General Data Protection Regulations, getinsha Gmbh will be the controller of information provided by customers. In order to understand our implementation of the operating customers’ personal data please read the information below. If you have any questions, please email us at

1.1. Data Privacy Principles

Personal data will be operated legal, open and fair;

Personal data will be collected under the head of “How will we use the information we own about you” and will only be used for purposes stated under this head.

Personal data collected by getinsha will be necessary and limited to purposes that are required to operate these data. Data we collect are explained under the head of “Which information does getinsha collect about you”

getinsha will take every reasonable step to keep your personal information correct and updated.

getinsha will operate and store personal data with appropriate security. We summarized this under the head of “How does it store your personal information.”

1.2. Which information does getinsha collect about you?

This policy is about the information collected through mobile applications, website or links (if exists).

1.3. Sensitive Personal Data

While providing you better services and products, getinsha may collect information about your race, ethnicity, mental and physical health, religious beliefs or criminal and judicial records. This kind of information is considered as “Sensitive Personal Data” and will be collected by getinsha only when it’s completely necessary. If you do not let us operate information of any sensitive personal data, we might not provide you some services and products. In case you let us operate that kind of sensitive information, you can let us know it.

1.4. Personal Data

When you apply to be getinsha costumer, we will ask you some personal questions in order to verify your identity and operate your account. Information we collect might vary according to product type nut, in general, it will include following:

In order to verify your identity, your name, surname, date of birth and address.

As contact information your phone number and email address.

In order to let you log in or with other words to enable photograph and voice biometry.

1.5. How will getinsha use the information it owns about you?

Information collected by getinsha will be used to create your customer profile and operate your account. Collected information is necessary for legal regulations and also services and products that we provide. We will not collect any information that is not necessary. getinsha will use your personal data in order to identify you. To do so, we might need to share some or all of your personal data to third party. Between the third party are controller, who struggles against forgery, money laundering, debit reference agencies. Third party can also be law enforcement offices, government offices, selling or service drivers.

We will use personal data to contact you to discuss new service and updates. getinsha will get in contact with you when it’s possible but sometimes regulations might require us to contact you via specific ways. We might use your information for marketing purposes however, we will only do it in places we have your permission. This might include the use of data to characterize appropriate service and products for you. getinsha will use your biometric information for security especially to enable you to log in your account and reach certain security standards. getinsha will use your information legitimately to protect the customer, third party and ourselves. In case it is asked by court or public institutions, getinsha might need to share information. getinsha will use the customer’s data for problem solving, data analysis, testing, investigation, statistics and surveys.

getinsha may be shared only your name and surname with the organizations which offers to you getinsha. This data is shared only with the third parties that offer getinsha to you and when you use the relevant campaign codes of those parties and shared only when they have requested this data.

1.6. How does getinsha collect personal data?

In order to keep customers personal data safe, getinsha has following precautions; digital signature and coding to keep your data constantly absolute, firewalls, attack detection systems, 24/7 protection of places where we store customer information, background control for personnel who are able to reach physical system, strong security procedures in all services. We code the storage and transportation of the customers’ personal data via highest security technology and procedure standards.

1.7. How long does getinsha keep your personal data?

getinsha will not store customers’ information any longer than the time explained in this policy. Legal regulations state that getinsha must keep personal information seven years after the customers’ account is closed. In some cases, getinsha might need to keep this information longer than that. getinsha will keep this information for marketing purposes until you let us know that you do not want it anymore.

1.8. Usage of Cookies

Cookies are some documents which are stored in hard disks and include some information. Cookies are used to identify your computer/IP address when you visit a website. getinsha uses cookies in its website to optimize your visits and to provide statistics for marketing. getinsha saves your activity in our website by using cookies in order to help you with customization and improvement of your experience in our website. If you do not want to approve the usage of identification information, you can change your browser’s settings. However, this will prevent cookies to remind you your choices in some services. That this why, getinsha cannot guarantee that its website will work well when the usage of cookies are prevented.

1.9. Google Analytics

getinsha’s website is using Google Analytics and Google Label Executive provided by Google Inc. (“Google”).  Google Analytics and Google Label Executive use cookies. Information created by cookies when you use our website generally transferred to servers in United States of America and stored.

Google will use this information in order to evaluate the usage of website, to prepare reports about website activities and provide some services about internet usage. Google will not transfer your IP address to other data hold by Google vie Google Analytics and Google Label executive. By changing your browser’s settings you can prevent collection of cookies but in this case you cannot use our website properly. Moreover, by downloading the server link below, you can prevent the collection and operation of data provided by cookies.

1.10. Rights

Every registered customer has rights according to the information shared by customer and our regulations related to it.

You have right to ask the copy of information getinsha has about you. If you want to get a copy of your personal data or some part of it, please email us through getinsha will provide you this service im 30 days for free.

You have right to request getinsha to delete your information. In this case there is no legal requirement for us.

You have right to request “data portability” which is widely used to provide information to third part.

You have right to be sure that your personal information is correct and updated. In case you think that your personal data is wrong or needs to be updated, please email us through

You can limit or prevent the operation of your information for instance the usage of marketing purposes can be limited or prevented.

Any decision leaning to automatic operation of your personal data including profile creation is contestable.

1.11. Changes In This Policy

From time to time, getinsha will overview and upgrade its privacy policy and will inform its customers about important changes.

1.12. Contact To Us

If you have any question related to applications in this policy, please send email to If you want to present a claim about the way we deal with customer data, you can contact us.